November 24, 2017

The Best of Men (48)

Clara could feel her heart squeeze, she feared the worst had happened and never had she felt this way towards anyone. She had imagined her having […]
November 23, 2017

The Best of Men (47)

Clara’s eyes were shut as she closed the door behind her, with her back still leaned on the door she slid down in a near sitting […]
November 21, 2017

The Best of Men (46)

Mr. Donald walked into Joys office, he had come to deliver the file by himself. He got back to the office long after Joy had left […]
November 20, 2017

The Best of Men (45)

Joy skipped some dinner dates due to work and travels with her boss, this gave more room for Kingsley to connect more with Clara alone, he […]
November 19, 2017

The Best of Men (44)

Kingsley looked at Clara as they climbed the rock, he was seeing her from another angle entirely for the first time. Her gait, her hair colour, […]
November 17, 2017

The Best of Men (43)

Joy turned several pages flipping through continuously reading nothing. She couldn’t get any word in the book into her head, she picked on her hair one […]
November 16, 2017

The Best of Men (42)

The sitting room was quite small, yet it accommodated a massive flat screen TV and two three sitters parallel to each other. The floor was tiled; […]
November 16, 2017

The Pilot

Frank knew everyone around him envied him and he relished every look, stare or gasps he got whenever he walked into a room.
November 15, 2017


He couldn’t understand what made them so different and why everyone felt it was all wrong. Kalu was in love and he was determined to be […]
November 15, 2017

The Best of Men (41)

Joy was on an official assignment to submit a proposal on behalf of their company, she stepped out of the official car and stood for a […]
November 15, 2017

Imperfect Night

It had been a very long and stressful day at the office and all Abike wanted to do was sleep. She rushed home from work and […]
November 12, 2017

The Best of Men (40)

Kingsley wouldn’t stop looking at the cab that just picked the two ladies up, he had offered to pay for the return trip home but the […]
November 12, 2017

Motion Picture

So, I click on her status or post and there she is, with a randomly moving selfie cam focused on her head bending slowly from left […]