Common chat phrases and their actual meaning

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Common chat phrases and their actual meaning

By Jaiyeola Johnson


Whether BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook or just texting; we all love chatting on our phones. But let’s face it; some of our friends/ contacts can make it extremely annoying for us. Here’s a list I compiled of common text phrases we use and what we actually mean when we use them most times. Enjoy!!!!

  1. Brb (be right back)

I’m bored as hell with this conversation. Leave me alone.

  1. Sup?

Everyone else on my contact list is pretty much busy so I’m settling for your company. Are you busy or free?

  1. Lol

This conversation is getting really boring. It’ll be wise if you understand this and just end here.

  1. K

I’m done chatting. Please stop.

  1. I’m outside your house

I’m actually 10 minutes away. But knowing the friend I have, it’ll probably take you all of 10 minutes to get ready and step out.

  1. It’s been a while

I just saw your instagram post and you looking hot and flyy. This is just a mild reminder so you’re aware that we’re friends.

  1. Sorry, just saw your message.

Ignored your message because I didn’t have time for your drama and whining. Now I’m ready.

  1. Soo sorry, something came up

I’ll keep on giving excuses for not hanging out with you, till you get the message and stop bothering me.

  1. Babe? You awake?

I demand you wake up and love me!!!

  1. Thank you ma, Okay ma, yes ma

Mum!!! Stop typing more messages!!! I need to carry on chatting with my girls.

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