5 Things You Should Know As A Cook By Heaven Kalu

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June 14, 2017
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June 15, 2017

5 Things You Should Know As A Cook By Heaven Kalu

1. Understand The Recipe

Just as every profession has rules, so does cooking. As a cook, you should be familiar with the rules of the kitchen and know your recipe. Many a times, we don’t know the grammars in the ingredients list. Please use the dictionary if need be and don’t claim you do while you don’t.


2. Know The Difference

As a cook, you should know what is suitable for a meal or snack at every given time. Don’t use a baking soda in place of a baking powder and don’t whip when you are meant to whisk. A cook should understand the method of application for every meal.

Know The Difference

3. Be Health Vigilant

Health is wealth is not a rare phrase that is hard to come by when talking about food in every view and opinions. As a cook, you should know that there are meals for all ages. You do not serve a baby’s food to an adult likewise lunch for breakfast and brunch for dinner.

Be Health Vigilant

4. Know Your Measurement

Measurement can either mar or make meals anywhere around the world. As a cook, you should cautious whenever you’re cooking, especially when it involves 3-5 people. Your compliment over a meal, will always be traced to your conscious effort while cooking.

Know Your Measurement

5. Let Your Kitchen Be Safe

Do you know your kitchen can be at some point, the most dangerous place to be? As a cook, you should know how to stay safe and careful in the kitchen. You also must be quick to observe everything and every corners for sure safety.

Let Your Kitchen Be Safe 1

Let Your Kitchen Be Safe2

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