Nsala Soup ( White Soup)

Egusi Soup (fried method)
June 14, 2017
5 Things You Should Know As A Cook By Heaven Kalu
June 14, 2017

Nsala Soup ( White Soup)





Yam (small portion)

Otazi-seed (black-pepper seed)

Pepper (cameroun pepper)

Stock fish

Dry fish


Bitter-leaf (small portion)


Cooking seasoning (knorr or maggi)


Season and boil your beef, chicken, cow-leg.

Boil yam and pound it then put it in a bowl.

After they are done, put them all in one pot with meat stock preferably.

Let all boil together with meat stock.

Add tock fish and dry fish and allow to steam.

Add pepper, pounded otazi seed and cray-fish then let it steam together.

Add cooking seasoning if need be.

Add pounded yam and stir. Ensure you use your cooking spoon to make the pounded yam dissolve.

Add bitter leaf to it and allow to steam well…

Bring down and serve with poundo yam or semolina…

NB: Otazi seed is far more important than the pepper because its a kind of pepper too but it gives the soup a special taste and feeling.


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