July 31, 2017

What Is Happening?

Just the other day, I passed by an accident scene and there were more people taking picture and making videos than people actually helping out.
July 31, 2017

Family Love

Mark hadn’t eaten in three days, life on the street can be really tough. All he wanted was a glass of water and so he strolled […]
July 30, 2017

Second Beginnings

When Frank left me, I thought to myself that was the end for me and I would never be able to love another person and so […]
July 30, 2017


The journey to the water fall was supposed to last two days but Titi was determined to get there not withstanding and so they started out.
July 29, 2017

My Climbing Experience

As a child, I was warned severally not to spend so much time climbing trees, I was a girl after all and in a lot of […]