Coupe Diplomate (Dessert)

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July 29, 2017
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July 29, 2017

Coupe Diplomate (Dessert)

A lot of people talk about different edibles and their variables but desserts are one of the best edibles that so many out there ignore it’s place and value. My name is COUPE DIPLOMATE (dessert)


200g pineapple

200g pawpaw

150g custard

60g red food

50g sugar


* Peel the pineapple & pawpaw

* Cut them into cubes

* Prepare custard

* Arrange the cubed pineapple and pawpaw in the transparent pata, sweet dish or goblet

* Pour some of the custard on top of the arranged pineapple and pawpaw

* Mix colouring in the remaining custard and pour on top of the coupe diplomate

* Sprinkle sugar on top and serve

Heaven Kalu

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