5 Simple Cooking Habits By Heaven

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August 8, 2017
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5 Simple Cooking Habits By Heaven


These cooking habits enlisted below are very easy to pick up and help to make a lot of difference in our cooking.

The art of cooking and making meals should always worth the stress especially when making our favorite meals. So, if health makes wealth enjoyable then what makes health itself? Good food makes it which can also be summed up as balanced diet.

In conclusion, good food births good health whilst good health helps you enjoy your wealth.

In conclusion, good food births good health whilst good health helps you enjoy your wealth.

  1. Use An Apron: The use of aprons in kitchens is very essential. Many Mums will rather cook without the apron simply because its tiring to wear, pull off and makes sweat. Aprons are designed to protect the cloth and body from stains and hot spills while cooking.


  1. Sharpen Your Knife: Keeping the knife sharp looks like it’s totally irrelevant but it’s definitely not and it has everything to do with your time in the kitchen. Believe me! A blunt knife can hold you ransom and prolong the time you spend in the kitchen. Just sharp it!


  1. Mise En Place: This is a French term for having all your ingredients measured, cut, peeled, sliced, grated, washed etc. before you start your cooking. Mixing bowls, pan, pots and other kitchen utensils must be clean and prepared. Do not put the last thing first or the first thing as last but rather remember that whatever is well prepared certainly ends well.


  1. Carry A Napkin/Towel: To avoid all sorts of spillage of water from washing of hands at every interval which could lead to wet and slippery floor invariably making the kitchen prone to tripping over accident, kindly use the kitchen towel to wipe always as you go. Just wipe it!


  1. Clean As You Cook: Make it an ambition to always clean as soon as you are done because a good and healthy food comes from a good cook and a clean kitchen. So always make it a matter of urgency to clean as you go because your kitchen is also a reflection of who you really are. Take it or love it!



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