Food Tales – Afang Soup

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I’m David Isaiah, born and brought up in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. I Grew up loving and playing a lot of football with family and friends. This in a way created a huge competitive spirit in me.

I’m blessed to have a brother and three sisters, they know me, trust me and they have been my back bone till date. My parents did a good job and are still doing a good job to constantly keep me in check.

But one thing I will never forget till I die is the aroma that comes out from the kitchen on Sunday evening when my mum is setting up that afang soup. As you eat before going to bed, it sets up for the week ahead. It is unarguably my favourite food.

I’m proud to be a Nigerian and this is how you can go about to prepare this delicacy.


600g beef, cowleg, assorted meats and cubed kpomo

600g afang leave a.k.a okazi leave (washed & grinded)

300g dry fish

300g stock fish

200g onions

500g water leaves

300g periwinkle

250g crayfish

1 bottle of palm oil

Cooking Seasoning

Salt to taste

Mill pepper to taste


* Wash the beef and other assorted meats with the dry/stock fish etc. Season well and boil for 30mins till tender

* Add palm oil to the stock on the heat and allow it to steam for some time

* Add water leave and other ingredients/spice except the afang leaves. Stir and allow to steam together

* Add the grinded afang into the soup and stir very well for 15-25mins. Add more palm oil to the soup and see if the taste feels good and

* Serve with pounded yam or fufu

Compiled by Heaven Kalu



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