Food Tales – Egusi Soup

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August 17, 2017
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August 17, 2017

Food Tales – Egusi Soup


My name is Ikenna. I’m from Imo state South-East Nigeria. But before I go on, can I ask a question? Who doesn’t like food? I obviously do. Okay, let’s leave that for a moment. I am a cinematographer, a lover of video games and am really in love with my job. But there’s something you must also know, I don’t joke with my tummy.

I eat different food across board with few exceptions but for my swallows, egusi soup does the magic for me any time any day, since it’s always on the go for me most times whenever I eat out.

I love the frying method of preparation of this favourite soup because it leaves me wanting and craving for more.

Apparently, egusi soup is not hard to prepare and as you probably know that the soup can be prepared in different styles because it gives the cook room for creativity. So, dare to make a lot of egusi soup today.





Vegetable (ugu or bitterleaf)


Stock fish

Black fish





Palm oil


Cooking seasoning


Salt to taste


Wash your beef, chicken, cowleg & kpomo properly put in a pot, add a little water and boil together.

Wash and add stockfish & blackfish to the boiling meats.

Add onion & season (maggi/salt) well to taste.

Allow it to boil well together.

After some time, you’d see you already have a stock (water derived frm d meats & stockfish). Now pour the meats and stock into a bowl and cover it.

Measure egusi into a bowl, add chopped onion to it and enough crayfish. Now add water little by little till it becomes thick but dropping.

Put the pot back on fire and add oil. Allow the oil to get hot and start adding the egusi mixture little by little with a cooking spoon like you are frying a bean cake.

After you must have added all, now stair continuously until the oil fries it completely.

Then you add the meats & it stock into it and stair together allow to boil.

Add otazi leaf first… Allow to boil after adding.

Lastly, add vegetables (ugwu) and allow to boil for 2min and serve with garri, semolina, poundo yam etc.

NB: if by the time you add your meat & stock to the fried egusi and it taste seem not appealing, add a little seasoning more to bring d taste forth.

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