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August 24, 2017
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August 24, 2017


My name is Kelechi Amaole but I love to be called K-fills. I am a confirm Igbo boy from south east, that is, Imo State and I am a musician by profession, a fashion police and I also play drums very well. I grew up in Lagos and of course, I was born in Lagos like every other child born here. I love food no lies and no pretense. I don’t joke with whatever passes through my mouth and to buttress that, I mean I cook my food myself sometimes; just because I love to give myself healthy treats always whenever it comes to food.

Interestingly, I love local jollof rice. The one made with all the obstacles in this world. Pardon my gesture for the word “obstacles” meaning smoke fish, dry fish and kpomo possibly. All these sea giant and animal skin come together to give this particular delicacy a different feel of taste in food, leaving you wondering and saying OMG! Who made this meal?

Naturally, I love eating food that has different or assorted peripherals (beef, fish etc.) in it. I’m sure you wonder why I speak in this manner, my brother and my sister, the journey of thousands of rice that is well prepared with nice condiments and irresistible ingredients only ends up in the belly of a ready eater like me! A foodie… Now, come and see the American wonder in the meal. Come!



Long grain rice or Ofada (parboiled)

Palm oil

Locust beans (Iru)



Dry fish

Bunch blanched greens

Salt to taste

Cooking seasoning

Ground red pepper to taste


* Heat palm oil in pot and add sliced onions, crayfish, dry pepper, salt, dry fish pieced and enough water to be liquid.

* Add crushed locust beans and seasoning.

* Allow to boil a little and add parboiled rice.

* Mix well and stream until water is almost dry.

* Add sliced blanched greens and steam for 2 minutes.

* Mix a bit and see if salt is needed.

* Meal is ready!

Heaven Kalu

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