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August 21, 2017
August 22, 2017


My name is Abiodun, but my friends call me Fsharp. I am a pianist by profession and I love moi-moi. I hail from Ogun and I am a die-hard fan of the Italian football club “Juventus”. Basically, my love for moi-moi started way back and then it was beans I grew up loving but when I discovered that the same beans can be converted to something nicer and better, I switched places from beans lover to moi-moi lover.

Moi-moi is almost a regular meal you’d always stumble on in a five-star owambe (party). One of the reasons why I chose the meal was because you hardly see beans being served at any party whether it is high class or lower class.

A good combination of moi-moi, a bit of jollof rice, then a fraction of fried rice and finally, a large portion of chicken will make a wholesome meal any day in any party. I love moi-moi, what about you?

For me, my African beans pudding a.k.a Moi-moi must be present in every rice that must pass through my esophagus in order to make my meal not just complete but also striking a balance between carbohydrate and protein. Check out the strategies of the pudding.



500g beans

1/6 bottle of vegetable oil

150g of crayfish

100g onion

100g mill pepper

2 boiled eggs

500g smoked salmon, corn beef or Titus

Cooking Seasoning

Salt & garlic to taste


* Pick and soak beans in cold water for about 10mins to remove the skins, wash and drain

* Grind the beans and some ingredients (onion, garlic, crayfish) to smooth paste

* Put beans paste in a big bowl and add seasoning, vegetable oil, and all other ingredients

* Use wrapped Moi-moi leaves, holding with your left hand while you scoop the beans paste with the other into the leave or use a small plastic plates or nylons

* Put in small portions which is more considerable

* Put in a big pot with little water and steam until its firm at the top

* Serve with jollof rice

Heaven Kalu

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