The Best of Men (3)

The Best of Men (2)
August 26, 2017
The Best of Men (4)
August 28, 2017

The Best of Men (3)

Clara walked into her own apartment like she was sneaking in as she removed her very wet jacket and placed in a basket by her bed side which was also extremely soaked in water. She began mopping the whole floor immediately still in tears as she replayed the experience she just had with Kingsley.

Clara’s dad Chukwuemeka was a very rich man from the eastern part of the Country, he started out as an apprentice with his uncle selling electronics and in another shop spare parts. He was a very flamboyant man and every year, he went to his village with truckloads of goodies ranging from food items to expensive attires for his family and his siblings.

He made lots of money after he gained his freedom from his uncle who paid him off by establishing a new shop for him. He was an industrious man and in no time, he became every woman’s dream even at Onitsha where his shop was then located.

Chukwuemeka despite his wealth kept a very low profile on matters pertaining to women, he made sure he never got involved with just any woman, he knew he could get any since he had the means but he also didn’t just want anybody. He was on one of his trips to buy his goods when he met Clara’s mum Eno.

Eno was very beautiful, seemed warmly, accommodating and very intelligent. Chukwuemeka wasn’t learned in academics but everything in his head read business and money making strategy. He had never been intimidated by such an outspoken command of English in his entire life.

She spoke eloquently and with a very high level of intelligence, Chukwuemeka could not contain how impressed he was as he remained glued to her all through the trip. Eno didn’t just seem pretty, she was also well groomed from her nails, her hair, her choice of outfit and her aura. Chukwuemeka connected with her immediately as she also could not get her eyes off him as she admired his wrist watch, his shoes, his shirt even to his very unique leather belt. She knew in her heart that she had hit a jackpot.

Eno was the seventh daughter of her parents, she hailed from Calabar and out of about fifteen children from her mother alone, only 9 of them were alive. They had all learnt to take care of themselves and her mother didn’t care that much. Her mum had always preached to them all to use what they had to get what they wanted. Enos father sent them all to school but asides the school fees which he ensured he paid regularly, he left the provision of food items and pocket money for their mum to handle.

Eno was the smartest of all her father’s children but also the most promiscuous. She would get down with any man as long as he had money to pay. Hence her reason for the full assessment and eventual pass mark for Chukwuemeka on their first meeting.

*To be continued (Read episode 4)

Bunmi Olaoke

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