My Lagos Story

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September 13, 2017
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September 14, 2017

My Lagos Story

My Lagos story? Where should I start it from? How do you want me to start it? I’ve too many specific experiences to recall from when it comes to my journey of living in Lagos all my life.

Should I mention the season when I do a whole lot of borrowing friends clothes in my undergraduate days to wear? Or sleeping on my cutting board for lack of a decent place to lay my head? Or the time my day one goon didn’t count me worthy to make his wedding suit? I really don’t think there’s any need to bore you with all of those?

Let me share this particular experience that happened to me live and direct during the early days of my hustle. So, it happened that I entered for this television show where startups could pitch their business ideas to access funding.

Armed with the belief that I’ve got a winning business idea, I presented my plan to the smart looking panelists who shredded to pieces every confidence in me. Long and short of the gist is, I was denied funding for my startup. And my esteem was battered with arrow-like words from the panelists that pierced my soul to stupor.

With the same fashion business idea which I never stopped working on, I’ve had the privilege of visiting a few great civilizations and on one of my trips, guess who I met at the Turkish Airline premium lounge as I prepare to board for a short course at the London College of Fashion before connecting to my production plant in Istanbul? One of the most critical panelist at the programme I entered for. Isn’t nature a string of humour?

I reintroduced myself to him. Of course, we chatted well. He was happy for the man have become. I thanked him for his back in day propelling criticism. He told me to stay in touch.

Present situation, three fashion stores for men and one female outlet all in this city of Lagos. I’ve not arrived yet. Still on the journey to greatness. God, sure has been kind to me.

Now I know for a fact that the best revenge you can take on any unpleasant experience is to become successful at what you set your mind on.

I am Opeoluwa Oluwafemi, creative director Oluwafemi Clothing.

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