The Best of Men (11)

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September 6, 2017
The Best of Men (12)
September 8, 2017

The Best of Men (11)

Mrs. Jones continued hitting the door as she kept shouting for someone to please open it. Emeka who could now see clearly had moved away from Bassey to his daughter who appeared lifeless on the ground. Bassey quickly got up as well, went straight to the door to open it in tears, a swollen head, a broken face and a bleeding mouth. Mrs. Jones screamed at the sight of Bassey, he looked like he had just been hit by a derailed train. She saw Emeka carrying his daughter as he headed straight for the door saying nothing to anyone.

Mrs. Jones quickly ran after him still in shock as he got to his car and beckoned on her to help him with the door while he placed Chinyere at the back seat. Mrs. Jones didn’t ask if she could go with him, she simply just helped herself at the passengers sit beside the driver as Emeka zoomed off to the nearest hospital.

Eno had just reached her shop on the island, she had a customer who was coming in early to pick his orders and she had left home to be able to attend to him herself since she claimed her sales personnel couldn’t handle the transaction like she would have wanted them to. The inflow of customers after the man left was indeed amazing, her day didn’t just go smoothly but the profits she had made that morning alone was mind-blowing, she wondered in her heart why she stayed longer at home when she could leave early to make more than double of what she ordinarily made as she smiled to herself mischievously.

Bassey cried like a child after Emeka had left with Chinyere, he prayed in his heart that the girl would live, he was so scared of what would happen to him if the girl died. He was so ashamed of himself, he knew Emekas reaction towards him was completely justified, he would do the same to any man who made such moves towards his daughters, he could even kill the person. He knew he should have been very mature about Chinyeres advances, he had the power to resist but he didn’t. He shook his head as he sighed severally as he played back how it all started, it was obviously too late to do the needful which would have been reporting the girl to her mum but it wasn’t too late to do the necessary as soon as possible.

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Mrs. Jones ran after Emeka as they arrived at the hospital, Chinyere still remained still even as they handed her over to the nurses on duty, Emekas heart was beating so fast, he couldn’t even imagine what just happened, he didn’t remember ever hitting her, he swore in his heart to kill Bassey if anything happened to Chinyere.
He filled the forms in tears as Mrs. Jones kept praying in her heart for God to take control. She imagined in her heart what had happened, she couldn’t really place her hands on anything at all. Emeka and Mrs. Jones were told to take a seat while the doctor attended to his daughter. A few minutes later, a nurse beckoned on Emeka to see the doctor who had attended to his daughter. Fear gripped his heart as he walked towards the doctor’s office.


Bunmi Olaoke

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