The Best of Men (12)

The Best of Men (11)
September 7, 2017
Oga Driver
September 8, 2017

The Best of Men (12)

Emeka walked into the doctor’s office practically shivering but the smile on the doctor’s face gave him a little hope that all was probably well. The doctor greeted him as he offered him a seat. The doctor was able to stabilize Chinyere, she had sustained a mild head injury which had led to her unconscious state, she had eventually come around but he still needed to know what led to it and to advise Emeka to avoid subsequent occurrences.

The doctor told him how lucky his daughter was if the injury had been more than that she probably wouldn’t have come around again. Emeka’s hands were on his face as he cried and thanked God he didn’t kill his daughter.

Back at home Bassey had packed his things, tidied up the house and fully prepared to take his leave. He had hidden his baggage somewhere outside their house for ease of escape. Chinyere’s brothers returned from school almost at the same time with Mrs. Jones who left the hospital shortly after she confirmed Chinyere was getting better. Bassey heard voices and footsteps by the door and as he opened it, Mrs. Jones with his nephews walked in still wanting to inquire from Bassey what really happened since Emeka had refused to say anything to her at the hospital. She eventually returned home after Bassey told her she mistakenly fell and hit her head. Chinyere brothers were shocked at the news of their sister’s accident and for the first time in years, they stayed back at home waiting for their parents to return.

Bassey who had planned to run away was stuck at home with the two boys until Emeka returned home later in the evening. Emeka didn’t say a word to Bassey, he just went into his room and waited for his wife to return home. Eno walked in gracefully a few minutes after 11 pm. Everyone was awake waiting for her return, it was unusual for anyone to still be awake when she returned but she was so tired and all she wanted was a sizzling bath and a very soft bed to lay her aching body on after a very hectic and busy day. She greeted her boys as she headed for her room, she screamed as she turned on the lights and saw Emeka lying awake on the bed.


Bunmi Olaoke

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