The Best of Men (13)

You Only Live Once
September 8, 2017
Cold Feet
September 11, 2017

The Best of Men (13)

Bassey already knew he was probably dying that night or before dawn. The fight and the argument that ensued between his sister and her husband confirmed it. All hell was let loose that day, Emeka was not just angry about the sex saga but also about his wife’s negligence at the home front.

He couldn’t have imagined a woman leaving home so early and coming back home so late at night. He never had any idea this was happening, Eno had always stayed back at home anytime she was aware of his arrival back home and she always went late whenever he was in town tending to his Lagos branch. He had thought all was well until this moment. Emeka had reached a decision before his wife’s arrival, he got the shop for her and he was going to shut it down with immediate effect.

After series of screams, bone breaking and face disfiguring fights, Emeka gave his final judgement about the shutting down. Eno having endured every accusation and threat became extremely aggressive and defensive as she screamed back at her husband” Not on your life Emeka!!! You dare not bring that store and my joint to this matter” Eno had secretly established a beer parlour and pepper soup joint alongside the store without her husband’s consent, she managed the two together and she was already well known on the island for her success in businesses.

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Eno accused Emeka of abandonment and lack of care for her needs, she accused him of negligence at home as a father to their children and as a husband too. Emeka got madder at her defensiveness and utterances, he had always made funds available, he worked and toiled daily to ensure his kids had the best of everything, he never collected anything from his wife’s business even when she wasn’t ready to give anyway. Emeka beat Eno terribly, even neighbors were not allowed into their apartment despite their pleas to be let in. They fought till the middle of the night and when Emeka couldn’t take the heat anymore, he looked at his wife and told her how disgusting and dirty she looked, he abused her and told her she wasn’t fit to be called a wife nor a mother.

They both slept in different rooms that night and by morning, Eno went to Mrs. Jones with a swollen and battered face to find out the hospital her daughter was admitted and she went alone to visit her. Bassey, on the other hand, left his sister’s house by without anyone knowing, having pretended he was going to sweep the compound as usual.
The events that took place afterward led to a bigger fight between Emeka and Eno. Emeka felt Eno was ungrateful and unfaithful to him, she had taken several decisions without his consent or even consulting him, she held on to her decision to keep the shop despite the verdict. Emeka, however, gave a final word for Eno to choose between him, the children and the shop but Enos response shook his ego, trampled on it and tore it into pieces.


Bunmi Olaoke

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