The Best of Men (14)

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September 11, 2017
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September 12, 2017

The Best of Men (14)

Eno took a very long look at Emeka, with all boldness, without much remorse or regret for whatsoever had happened between them and made her choice in her heart. Shortly after Chinyere was discharged from the hospital, her mum who was just waiting for her daughter to return home packed all her things out of the master bedroom. Emeka had waited patiently for Eno to come up with a decision, he had stayed back at home to sort things out before returning to full business again but seeing his wife move her things out of their bedroom into the children’s room made his heart beat even faster. Initially, he had thought they were just going to argue about this and probably come to a reasonable conclusion but what he saw his wife do after moving her things to the kid’s room was the least of his expectations.

Eno had called in a cab and was making moves to leave the house with all the children when Emeka dragged her back. They started another terrible fight but this time around the boys helped to drag their dad away from their mum. The boys held on to their dad as they told him they weren’t going anywhere with their mum. Chinyere didn’t have much of a choice, her mum had her hands under her arm as she successfully dragged her along into the already waiting cab. Her choice had been made, she had chosen her business and children over her husband. Unfortunately, she could only take one of them.

Emeka was furious and filled with regrets, “how did we get here”? were thoughts that clouded his mind for a very long time, he wasn’t expecting such a rash decision from a woman whose brother had just slept with their daughter, he had expected apologies, remorsefulness and pleadings. “What did I do wrong”? he thought again as he drove his boys to his parents’ house in the east. He needed to sort some things out but he couldn’t leave the boys alone at home. His parents had advised he brought them back to the east to further their studies to afford him the opportunity to get things in order.

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Days rolled into weeks as Emeka waited for his wife to return home with his child but when she didn’t return, he travelled to see her people in Calabar only for him to find out she had come over to feed them with lies about violations, beatings and maltreatments. The scars on her face and body were obviously her evidence. Emeka knew he had finally lost the battle with his in- laws but Bassey who was hiding at the corner of the house all the while accosted him far away from their house on his way to the park.

Bassey knew everything was a lie, he knew his sister had lied about everything, even he couldn’t bring himself to tell his parents what he did. He wanted Emeka to know the truth and this was his only opportunity. He knew what Emeka was capable of but he was ready to take the risk anyway just to bare his conscience. Bassey went on his knees as soon as he was able to gain Emekas attention and begged him to please listen to what really happened. Emeka had already heard the worst, he was already beaten by the words from Enos parents but in his very disappointed and sad state of heart, he just needed a place to sit first while he waited for the bus. Bassey apologised profusely to Emeka as they sat down at the bus Park waiting for the bus to fully load. Emeka was at first lost in his thoughts but as he listened to Bassey describe his children in ways he could never imagine he became interested in what Bassey was saying. He was most shocked at Bassey’s description of his child Chinyere.


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