The Best of Men (15)

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September 12, 2017
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September 13, 2017

The Best of Men (15)

By the time Bassey was through apologizing and completely letting out the truth, the bus was already full and Emeka being the last passenger simply got up dusted his trousers and got on board saying nothing to Bassey. Emeka had wished Bassey had told him everything all along. 

The journey back home was extremely long and tiring but it afforded Emeka the opportunity to think well and come up with a solution to all the mess on ground. He was very real to himself about his wife and Chinyere, as much as he wanted his family back he had realized fighting for his daughter will be an attempt in futility based on the evidences on ground. He cried a lot through the journey, he realized he had also failed as a father, being a father wasn’t just about giving the funds, he was not involved in the upbringing of his kids physically at all. Even Bassey knew his kids better than he did.” what a shame” he said in deep soliloquy.

Chinyere had fully settled into her new life with her mum, life was beginning to take a new turn for her as she prepared to start a new school on the island. She resumed at her mums store every morning and closed with her by 10pm every night. Her new routine was quite tiring as she helped her mum monitor customers and sometimes finances anytime her mum went out with some of her male customers but she was not complaining as she had a lot of fun getting tips from customers and even had them change her name to (Clara) a name which stuck to her like glue.

Eno before leaving her husband had been into series of affairs with several men on the island, some were her regular customers while some were bank executives whom she claimed she was self-delivering to just to avoid disappointments. Leaving Emeka gave her more freedom to explore her potentials and financially she was doing extremely fine. She only confronted Clara about her escapades with Bassey once shortly after they got to their new apartment which was duly paid for by one of her customers Dr. Godwin. Clara did not deny the accusations leveled against her by her dad’s she apologized to her mum who also simply warned her against Bassey but never warned her against any other man especially at the beer parlor.

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Emeka resumed his businesses again a few weeks after his visit to Calabar but this time around he ensured he gave standing orders to his parents to ensure his sons never left home unless when sent on an errand or when going to school. He employed a home teacher to take them extra coaching at home ensuring they weren’t denied of anything a child needed except mother care. He travelled once every week, sold his store in Lagos which wasn’t doing as fine as those in the east due to serious competition and throat cutting downfall in profit margin and concentrated on his businesses in the east and the south. The profits dropped but not enough to make him poor. He built a house in the east where he moved his sons but never remarried again despite being persuaded by his parent. He discovered his boys had become wayward and non gallant at home, they were so lazy they hardly had their baths. They were a complete opposite of whom he was but with the help of his mum inconjuction with his, sanity was restored into them.

Emeka had made several attempts to see his wife and Chinyere for over three years now, he finally got some information about their whereabout in Lagos and decided to visit them to atleast see his daughter.


Bunmi Olaoke

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