The Best of Men (17)

The Best of Men (16)
September 14, 2017
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September 15, 2017

The Best of Men (17)

Eno was shocked to see Emeka as she peeped through the window and saw him approach their gate, he had lost so much weight and was looking so dusty. “This obviously isn’t the Emeka I used to know” she thought to herself. As she thanked God she left him when she did, she imagined in her heart how life would have been for her if she had stayed with him, he was obviously a (bad omen) averted by her shinning destiny. A loud knock on the door brought her out of her pity thoughts for Emeka as she answered the gatekeeper whom she knew was coming to seek permission for the strange man to enter. She didn’t even let the keeper in, she simply responded she wasn’t expecting anyone and whoever was at the gate should never be let into the house now or ever.

It took the gatekeeper a couple of minutes to return, Emeka had rehearsed severally what he was going to tell his wife and daughter, he thought of how his daughter jumped on him each time he returned from his trips and how he had always loved his wife terribly. He had since forgiven them and he was sure they were also going to be shocked when they see him.

He was awakened from his thoughts when the gatekeeper opened the gate and said there was no one at home. He went further to tell him never to visit the house again as well, if he wanted to leave there alive. Emeka knew exactly what had happened, he knew someone was at home but he wasn’t ready for any form of embarrassment. He sat by the side of the house for a while before eventually leaving. Emeka never came to Lagos again after that trip neither did Eno tell her daughter her father came visiting.

Clara wished severally that her mum would allow her visit her dad wherever he was as the years rolled by but instead of helping to make that wish come true, Eno remarried another man who practically moved into their apartment.

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He appeared fresh and smooth but Clara was certain the man was broke, he spoke with a kind of British accent that obviously must have blown her mum off her feet when she met him. Clara had wondered severally what this seemingly well-dressed not so good looking man who never went anywhere must have told her mom that made her fall so deeply for him.
Eno did everything for Claude, Clara had overhead him talk about his Estates and investments abroad but she had never seen him drop a dime for anything in the two years he had been with them unlike her father Emeka.

She knew he travelled sometimes but Clara constantly had a bad nudge about him. The sight of him was disgusting as she just couldn’t place her fingers on why him amidst all her mums several men friends. She was never at home anyway and whenever she was around, she stayed mostly in her room when she didn’t have business to attend to. She was rich enough to sustain herself since her mum was too stingy to give her anything extra after paying her school fees and adding a small pocket money. Schooling in UNILAG had greatly robbed on her as she now had cliques of friends who organized richer men for them. Clara felt she had a better taste in men than her mum, she could never imagine a Claude on her list.

It was a Wednesday morning between the hours of 8.30am and 9.00am, Clara had come home to pick something she forgot during the weekend when she visited her mum, Claude was the only one at home and he was still dressed in his boxers as he watched a programme on TV. Clara knew he was going to be home as usual but wasn’t expecting to find him in the sitting room that early. She simply wanted to slip in and slip out as usual. “Good morning Uncle” Clara greeted as she walked pass him and headed towards her bedroom which was upstairs. Claude held his manhood as the girl passed him with a very funny grin on his face. He simply got up and walked quietly in tip toe as he headed for Clara’s room a few minutes after her.


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