The Best of Men (9)

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September 1, 2017
The Best of Men (10)
September 6, 2017

The Best of Men (9)

The morning was exceptionally bright, Bassey woke up earlier than the usual wake up time, sleep had availed him, his brain was yet to fathom what happened earlier in the morning, he was afraid, he was filled with fear, his heartbeat rate had drastically increased.

How could a girl so young be so sexually articulate? His thoughts ran wilder when he saw Chinyere wake up as well to go into the toilet and greeted him normally like nothing had happened. His hands were either on his face or on his head at different intervals. It was a weekend; the house was obviously not going to be empty like the weekdays so he knew nothing could be said till Monday morning. Chinyere was no ordinary child, Bassey concluded as the weekend dragged till Monday came finally.

Monday morning wasn’t so bright, the clouds were gathering but Eno still managed to get out of the house before the rains started, Eno’s boys could never be stopped by any rain and as such let also left the house as soon as they were sure their mum was out of sight. Chinyere had waited earnestly for her brothers to leave, she had wanted to be with Bassey all alone as she watched him do his regular morning chores till completion and was about taking his bath. He was walking towards the bathroom in his towels when Chinyere sneaked behind him and pulled down his towel giggling like a little child she was. Bassey already knew what could happen but what happened wasn’t exactly what he wished for or what he prepared for.

Bassey couldn’t hold himself together as he felt Chinyeres hands on his body, it was as if he was already waiting for a time like this, he didn’t even check to see if she was just playing or being funny, he simply grabbed the little girl who seemed exceptionally happy and all excited and threw her on one of the beds in their room. He undressed her and began kissing and fondling her tiny body as he now could see clearly what she could possibly do. He made her do exactly what she did on Saturday morning and even more. Bassey eventually had penetrative sex with Chinyere a few days later as Chinyere became officially sexually active from then on.

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Chinyere began to play a lot with Bassey anyhow, she could hit him on his butt in the presence of her parents and sometimes she would talk to him like they were equals. She had no limits, she became rude to him especially when Bassey had stayed away from her for too long or when she senses another girl or neighbour getting close to him.

This bothered Emeka a lot even though he cautioned her severally about it, he began to have suspicions but he simply discarded the thoughts of any possible abuse since Chinyere was young and always seemed so excited about everything.” She was too young to know anything and let alone even hide such from him” he thought. Bassey was bothered at some point too, but since he had nowhere to go yet he just ensured he never got her pregnant but had sex with her almost everyday except on weekends. As far as he was concerned, she wanted it and it was also free. All he needed to do was make sure he bought her goodies regularly to thank her in preparation for another day.

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Bassey had spent about five years with his sister and true to her words, he had not only passed his GCE but he had also successfully qualified for admission into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He was awaiting full resumption to school and Chinyere was awaiting the results of her Junior secondary school while she also stayed at home. Emeka had gone on one of his trips but returned without informing even his wife of his arrival. He had travelled by road and was dropped off by a cab. He was walking past his children’s room window when he heard noises from voices that sounded so familiar, he tried taking a peep quietly but the voices and the noise became louder as he moved closer, it was a blend of laughter and grunts. He prayed in his heart that he was wrong but he knew what he heard as his heart began to beat faster, he shouted Bassey’s name through the window.

*To be continued.

Bunmi Olaoke

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