October 24, 2017
The Best of Men (25)
October 25, 2017


They say Nigerians don’t commit suicide but a lot of Nigerians die every day because they live without really living. Others feel that depression is just some made up state of mind and nothing serious.

Natalie was a young woman of 23 and she was severely depressed but no one knew it. She worked at a job she hated because of responsibilities and every day, she thought about taking her own life.

She was deeply misunderstood and so she kept to herself and all the world saw was the plastic smile she wore on her face that told everyone she was ok when she really wasn’t.

She finally gave in to her despair and decided to end it all, she was about to swallow the pills when someone saw her and stopped her. That was the day everything changed.

She sought help and was able to sort through her issues. Many people don’t understand what could be so bad to make someone take their own life, but people see and handle things differently.

Learn to speak out and don’t let depression rob you of your future.

May Okanigbe

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