Afrobeat Saved My Life

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November 6, 2017
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November 6, 2017

Afrobeat Saved My Life

Wale Alabi

It was a not so pleasant Friday morning when I woke up with heavy eyelids and body aches as a result of all the stress I had faced from the week’s work. With all the wahala I saw coming ahead during the day I literally rolled off the bed, rolled into the shower, got any dress I could lay my hands, after all, it’s casual Friday in the office. While on the move the day was coming into focus with my mind already set on how I was going to organize my day so I do not get unnecessarily stressed up. Remember when I said the day was coming into focus? (Of course, you do I just said it a few lines ago) It turns out I was terribly wrong. Everything that could make a man go mad was waiting in the dark corners of Ojuelegba Bus-stop for me.

The first tragedy that hit me smack in the face was the apparent lack of buses at the bus-stop as there was a long queue of passenger waiting for a bus heading to Costain where my workplace is situated. I had stood for over 30 minutes for a bus when a bike man who had been ordained by Lucifer himself decided to ride through a puddle of water in front of me and sprayed my Lemon green coloured native with blackish stains. As if to prove my points that he was from the pits of hell he simply zoomed off without a second look at what he had done.

A few minutes after the crazy motorcycle incident, I boarded a bus heading towards Costain. Then another tragedy struck. The bus had a malfunction and broke down at the foot of the Stadium bridge at Surulere. Surely the devil was out to get me, I thought. After another few minutes wasted at the bus-stop, the passengers of the broken down bus were told to get another car to get to our final destinations. In all of this fiasco, the traffic was already building up making sure that I was going to get to work late and probably get a query.

Fast forward an hour later I was at the entrance of my office when I was called into my boss’ office for an unexpected meeting with a client. It is needless to say that my black water stained lemon native had me looking like the town square madman, however, I was able to get through the meeting and thankfully got no query from my boss when I explained all that had happened to me before getting to work. The ton of work waiting for me at work was enough to make me have a nervous breakdown, however, I was determined to put my demons to shame. At the close of the day, I was already stressed thinking of the tedious journey back home when a colleague of mine invited me to a block party which was not too far from our office. I went there along with my colleague at about a quarter past 6:00 pm.

We took our sit as the block party was already in progress. The evening breeze was already soothing my frayed nerves when a band mounted the stage to jam some live tunes to the delight of those present. At first glance the band looked like your regular wedding band who would go on to play the regular tunes until I saw a member with a Bassoon (a type of music instrument) then it dawned on me that something else was about to go down. Without a note of warning the band hit us with a wonderful combination of sounds that came together to be the revered AFROBEAT. Not that Wizkid or Davido nonsense but the original sound created by Fela himself. Did I ever say it is my favourite genre?  Well now you know. The tunes from the band healed my already wounded mind and spirit and made me forget all the troubles of the day. Simply put “Afrobeat saved my life.”

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