First Cut

A Day At the Hospital
November 6, 2017
Her Resting Place
November 7, 2017

First Cut

I had heard a lot of people talk about how deep being in love for the first time could be and how much it could hurt when it ends, so I was determined not to let that happen to me.

When I met Dan, I didn’t even see the potential of a relationship, I just saw him as a cool guy that I loved to hang out and spend time with and before I could catch myself, it was too late.

We got to the point where I was deeply in love with him but I knew deep down that he didn’t feel the same way, yet I couldn’t stop myself.

That was ten years ago now and we have led separate lives but a part of my heart still pines for the love that could have been between us. First, cut really is the deepest.

May Okanigbe

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