The Best of Men (34)

The Best of Men (33)
November 2, 2017
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November 6, 2017

The Best of Men (34)

Joy decided she would not push Clara in any way, she had played her role and it was left for God to finish his work in her. She made open her weaknesses as a woman and let her flaws flow out freely. She had found the true meaning of love at the canteen where she years ago, the owner of the canteen did everything in a Godly way, they prayed before the day starts and pray also after the day ends. She even invited some pastors over to preach to them once in a while as she encouraged all her workers to put God first while other things should simply follow if they wanted to make any headway in life. Joy wasn’t sure if her other colleagues got the messages the way she did but she learnt so early to depend solely on God and not man. Her experiences had made her understand the place of giving and getting nothing in return. She was still a work in progress and so was Clara. She still had a lot to learn and she knew God had sent a Clara for such a time as that. “God surely has a good sense of humor” she thought in her heart as she watched Clara move around the house looking so downcast and confused.

Clara for once in a very long time thought of her siblings and her dad, she had over the years held a grudge against them for abandoning her without caring to know if she was alive or dead but something in her now feels she also had abandoned them since she also didn’t look for them. She knew she had to make amends somehow but she needed to start from somewhere.

Joy, on the other hand, couldn’t bear watching Clara condemn herself over and over again as she kept pacing to and fro the apartment, she needed to let Clara know everything about her just so she would know that she also still has her struggles and battles with certain addictions in her life. “Clara, please sit down. ” she said as she broke the silence.

Joy had unknowingly picked up a habit of sexually stimulating herself back at the canteen while she still worked there, she had a friend who did the same in the room where she slept almost every night, once the lights were out. Joy had woken up one night to ease herself when she noticed the lady using her hands to stimulate her clits while she slept, and moaning quietly. She was so engrossed in what so ever she was doing that she didn’t know someone was awake. Joy didn’t say a word about what she saw but several nights after that she began to also open her eyes just to watch her colleague do whatever it was she did. These acts in a way began to replay itself in Joy’s head and in no time she began to have urges for sex as well. One night when she couldn’t bear it anymore, she also tried out what her colleagues did and she had done that till date to relieve her sexual urges. Clara looked at Joy and smiled and said” No wonder you hate to relate with men. ” Joy had done everything within her power to stop it but she just kept finding herself doing it over again. She knew if she was accountable to someone, she would be able to curb the urges for the stimulations in a way when the need for them arises again.

Clara suddenly became a counselor as Joy sat down and listened to the consequences of her addictions towards her life and men in general. She explained a possible diversion of her brain towards her sexual needs from the opposite sex if she could always meet her own needs sexually by herself, why bother to have a husband? She explained to her about the place of men in a woman’s life beyond being the head over her alone, She explained to her about procreation even though Joy already knew all about that but she also explained about sexual satisfaction between a man and a woman that brings a bond to them in marriage. Clara also spoke about a possible dissatisfaction in sexual Intercourse with a man if Joy persisted in sexually stimulating herself even after marriage. Clara held Joy’s shoulder and begged her to stop if she wanted to enjoy her marriage and her sexuality. Joy wondered how Clara knew so much about everything despite her ways… She wondered why a lot of people stayed so far away from her like she was a plague. She was absolutely clear about Clara’s purpose in her life and as they both became closer, Joy who now had managed to stop her habits even though it wasn’t easy at the beginning understood Clara better and more reasons why she had been sent into Clara’s life.


Bunmi Olaoke

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