The Best of Men (43)

The Best of Men (42)
November 16, 2017
The Best of Men (44)
November 19, 2017

The Best of Men (43)

Joy turned several pages flipping through continuously reading nothing. She couldn’t get any word in the book into her head, she picked on her hair one by one with the pen in her mouth trying to figure out why human needs were insatiable in Economics. The thought of Clara alone with Kingsley kept flashing in her head, she picked up her phone several times and dropped it again. She finally packed the books and laid on her bed to see a movie instead.

Clara’s heart began to pound like a pestle was being hit on a mortar. She gave a very deep sigh as she removed her seat belt and sat down the same way Kingsley was sitting pulling her hair fringe slightly like she needed to see Kingsley clearly. Kingsley gave a rather Stern look as Clara cleared her throat. She was certain Kingsley was going to drop her from the top of the rock if he caught just a glimpse of who she really was. She thought of rebranding her entire package but her first encounter with Kingsley had certainly left loopholes everywhere. Looking down on her thighs like a child who had just been caught stealing from the soup pot, she told Kingsley her real name.

Clara looked up at intervals to see the expressions on Kingsley’s face as she opened up her childhood to him and her parents going their separate ways. She consciously left out her sexual escapades with men, she wasn’t going to drop all that on Kingsley’s laps when all he wanted was just friendship. She stopped at some point as she couldn’t imagine saying all she did after leaving her father with her mum. Clara had never had to do so much thinking even after she became a changed person. It was glaring even to her that no man would know the total number of men she could remember sleeping with and still go on with her. At this point, she looked at Kingsley and told him to take her home. She begged him to leave her alone, she was not ready to disclose that much to any man. Joy got her into this mess and she still had a right to stop it if she wanted to.

Kingsley understood Clara might not open it all up in one day and he tried not to push her either. He looked at her holding her hand and thanked her for telling him her real name Chinyere. He had an entire lifetime to know Clara and he was ready to wait till she was ready to tell by herself. He adjusted himself and said to Clara, ” we came here to have fun and that’s exactly what we will do” grinning like a child . he knew he was pushing too far too soon and he apologizes to her to please forgive his manners. He told her hey just wanted to be friends with her and no matter what she had been through, he would still love to be a friend irrespective. Clara managed to bring a smile after Kingsley tickled her and told her to wait in the car while he opened the door for her. She gave a very big smile when her thoughts began to play what Kingsley would do to her if he knew half of what she had done as she pictured him literally flinging her out of his car.


Bunmi Olaoke

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