The Best of Men (47)

The Best of Men (46)
November 21, 2017
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November 24, 2017

The Best of Men (47)

Clara’s eyes were shut as she closed the door behind her, with her back still leaned on the door she slid down in a near sitting posture as the tears rolled down peacefully. Her heartbeat raced even harder as the images of Kingsley walking out on her kept flashing in her eyes. Placing her hands on her head, she wept even more, she wasn’t sure if telling him was a good idea after all, she wished Joy was with her to tell her all was well. With soaked hands she held her phone like she was going to call someone and then she dropped it again lifting herself up from the ground, hair scattered and face smeared with brown powder and lipsticks. She got on her bed and soaked her face in her pillow wailing like a child and hitting on the bed like she was wrestling with someone in annoyance. She wished she could turn back the hands of time, she wished she could make it all right and make clean her plate. It was too late for that wasn’t it she thought to herself as she sobbed silently on her bed.

Joy left the office and got home quite late as well wondering why she bothered herself too much when Mr. Donald obviously didn’t remember who she was anymore, she decided to let sleeping dogs lie as she buried herself in her bed. She thought about Clara for a while and prayed for courage for her to be able to open up to Kingsley about her past. She prayed Kingsley would handle it maturely as well but above it all, she prayed for the will of God to prevail.

Joy thought about Clara’s mum and wished in her heart that Clara would go back home and make peace with her mother and possibly find her father and brothers as well. She resolved to help Clara find her family, she knew if marriage was going to happen between Clara and any man, families will be involved and since Clara still had hers, then they must be found before things got out of hand.

Kingsley swerved from one side of the road to another, he was lost in thoughts several times, his heart filled with regrets and sadness. He had missed his meeting already, all he wanted now was to go home and think. He knew how much it took Clara to open up to him and he also knew his silence would hurt Clara even more but what could he possibly say to her? He pulled his mouth with his hand as he held the steering with the second as he pulled his car in the garage. He got out immediately and ran upstairs to his room. Several thoughts filled his heart as he laid still on his bed. He had come so far with Clara, thankfully no member of his family had met her yet. Was he ready to go through with this? or Should he just be a friend and let her be? Too many questions filled his heart but no answer was forthcoming, he applauded her effort to bear it all but could he handle this mess? Was he ever going to be good enough for her even if he decided to go on with her into marriage? Could he very meet her needs alone without her going back into other men? He prayed to God for directions and guidance as he sighed and undressed gradually. His phone rang at intervals and Clara’s name kept coming up but he decided to leave it unanswered. She called almost 50times already but Kingsley needed a break from her to think before any decision could be taken. He silenced his phones as he went into his bathroom to take a hot bath.

The next morning, Clara who hadn’t slept all night called in sick, she asked for the day off to get to the hospital but the Head of the department told her to take two days instead. She thanked her boss and put another call through to Joy. Joy could read Clara’s heart through her voice and she was certain all wasn’t well. Joy asked what happened, Clara responded with “I DON PERISH” as she ended the call as the tears flowed freely again. Joy had never heard or seen Clara act this way before, she knew exactly what her response meant and she knew the day was going to be very long. Joy seemed tensed at work, every instruction given by her boss was wrongly attended to. Even her boss knew she was unstable, Joy had to talk to herself to concentrate if she didn’t want to lose her job. she tried to imagine what happened but unlike other days at work, every one minute seemed like five hours in her eyes as it dragged along like it would never end.


Bunmi Olaoke

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