The Best of Men (48)

The Best of Men (47)
November 23, 2017
The Best of Men (49)
November 26, 2017

The Best of Men (48)

Clara could feel her heart squeeze, she feared the worst had happened and never had she felt this way towards anyone. She had imagined her having a strong feeling for Kingsley but what her heart did to her this day told her more than she bargained for. She was obviously more into him than she thought and to think she had just lost something so dear to her heart. She hadn’t had anything all day, her hair still as scattered as they were the day before with the same dress she had on from the office. Lying on her sofa with both legs placed on each other she remembered her first encounter with Kingsley. Who could have thought this same man will get me shaking and crying this much she imagined Her phone rang intermittently, her colleagues won’t stop calling to check on her but she had refused to pick their calls.

A knock on the door startled her as she almost fell from her chair. She wondered if Kingsley had returned, she walked quickly towards the door and Joy’s head came calling her name through the window. She gave a very long hiss as she turned the keys to open the door to let her in. Joy walked in with a big bag like she was travelling giving smelling Clara a very big long hug. Clara burst into tears again as Joy held her tightly telling her all will be well. Joy was tempted severally to put a call through to Kingsley but she knew she had to let them sort this out themselves. They were both mature enough to make their decisions and interference will be tantamount to influencing a decision that should be made by self. Joy, however, knew Clara needed her more to pull through this phase and as such left work quite early after her boss left and headed straight for her home to pick a few things for the week and the weekend. She had come to stay with Clara for a while till she gets herself again.

Joy listened carefully as Clara narrated what happened to her, she saw Clara completely broken for the first time and she realized Clara had fully grown to love Kingsley. She calmed her down and encouraged her that all will be well.

The remaining days of the week were quite eventful. Joy was extremely helpful and caring, she encouraged Clara a lot using scriptures and God’s promises for his children, she prayed for God’s will in all as she persuaded Clara to press more into God herself for direction. In no time, Clara muscled out a smile as Joy kept teasing her and laughing about everything that happened. Clara kept her phone close enough to make sure she missed no call from Kingsley if it ever came.

It was a beautiful and bright day, Clara had just returned from the field and was writing her report for the day when her phone suddenly beeped. It was a text message, Clara looked the phone for a while and very much unlike her with text messages, she decided to see what the network providers were possibly offering. To her amazement, the text was from Kingsley. Her eyes seemed to bulge out as she quickly read through with her hands shaking like she was epileptic.

Kingsley had turned severally on his bed for days. He had visited the hospital twice to get medications to calm his nerves and as well make him sleep but nothing seemed to work. He consulted one of his close friends who shared the same faith with him and after prayers and convictions, he made a final decision.

Clara jumped on her feet like she was being controlled by something as she headed straight for Joys office. She had put a call through but Joy wasn’t picking up. As she waited at the chairman’s reception area for Joy, she read through the message over and over again. She couldn’t make any sense of what Kingsley had sent to her but she knew Joy had to see it as well first.

Joy stepped out of her boss’s office and was surprised to see Clara waiting at the reception. Clara got up immediately looking so confused and practically dragged Joy into her office to show her what Kingsley had sent to her.


Bunmi Olaoke

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