The Best of Men (73)

Staying Fit
January 8, 2018
The Best of Men (74)
January 9, 2018

The Best of Men (73)

“Hello!!! Good afternoon.” said the caller. “Good afternoon”, Clara responded. “I would like to speak with Chinyere”, the voice spoke again. “Speaking sir”, Chinyere responded. “Hmm…” sighed the voice. “My name is Mr. Emeka and Chinyere is my daughter”, finally giving a name. Clara stood up from the chair, her face turned all red as her eyes suddenly gathered water like it was going to rain anytime soon. Looking so stunned and shocked, she turned to Joy and whispered, “My father” swallowing hard with a smile. Joy’s face lit with excitement as she began to do some dance steps that could be described in Yoruba land as ‘Apala’ shaking her waist vigorously and lifting her head intermittently alongside her two arms. While Joy displayed her excitement through dancing, Clara simply lets out the waiting tears on her tear gland as she listened to her father who had requested for her address in Lagos. He apologized profusely for not seeing them the last time they visited and while Clara mumbled some words about understanding the circumstances, he asked if he could travel down for a return visit.

“No, Papa, I will travel down by Friday, just give me an address and I will come myself sir.” Emeka was moved to tears, her voice sounded like those of an angel, she spoke with so much eloquence, and she sounded so much like her mother when she was younger. Ending the call, Emeka heaved a sigh of relief. He felt like a bag of cement was lifted off his chest. He had waited so patiently for a day like this but even though it came later than he thought it would, he was exceedingly glad it came after all. He turned to Bassey and Eno whom he had begged not to discuss the situation on ground with Clara and informed them of her visit smiling sheepishly.

Clara gave a very loud scream as she ended the call, Joy practically flew on her friend as they both jumped like two teenage girls in a cheerleading team. With hands still shaking she dialed Kingsley’s number to give him the news. He was in a meeting but he excused himself just to receive the call.

“Yes!!!” he spoke out loud in excitement after speaking with Clara as he returned to his meeting with a big grin on his face. His cheeks had turned pink as he maintained a constant smiling face throughout the meeting even when what was being discussed was deemed too serious for a smile. He said “Thank you Jesus” repeatedly but quietly as the meeting suddenly began to drag.

Kingsley drove into Clara’s close, marriage was now inevitable for the couple and his joy knew no bounds as he reactivated the wedding preparation mode again. He knocked on the door and if he wasn’t fit and strong enough, he would have somersaulted from Clara’s surprise hug. She practically flew on him outside her apartment.

“God is indeed faithful, sweetheart”, she said still hooked on Kingsley who managed to find his steps carrying himself and Clara into her apartment. He was amazed to see Joy already waiting with a bottle of wine they had planned to celebrate with on his arrival. It was a moment of thanksgiving and celebration for the trio as they gave all the glory to God for his kindness.

Clara had called Eno immediately to inform her of her father’s call, Bassey’s voice was at the receiving end. “Good afternoon uncle, please where is mummy?” she asked. “She is here, you want to speak with her?” With a face and a heart filled with so much Joy, she responded with a quick “yes”. Handing Eno the phone, Bassey reminded her about their promise to Emeka, to keep everything quiet until Clara visits. Eno cleared her throat and despite the pains and aches, she came up with the most sound and clear voice ever. Clara couldn’t stop talking as the voice she heard encouraged her even the more. She could see everything finally turning around and Eno could also not help but come up with the song “I can see everything turning around for our good.”

Emeka walked in immediately the call ended and Eno who would have gone on her knees if she could to thank him for what he had done expressed her gratitude in whatever way she could, through songs, prayers, words, et al. Emeka could only nod as he called Bassey out of the room to inform him about the news from the orthopedic surgeon.


Bunmi Okanigbe

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