The Best of Men (74)

The Best of Men (73)
January 8, 2018
New Year, New School
January 10, 2018

The Best of Men (74)

Emeka and Bassey discussed at length about the current situation on Eno’s condition which had turned out to be a mild pelvic fracture which professional help through adequate physiotherapy and complete bed rest could heal.

The Doctors had told him how painful this could be for Eno judging by her age and her already frail body but they had also assured them of a smooth ride in the long run. Emeka had discussed with his sons about their mother and they were ready to fly her abroad if the need arose.

Bassey assured Emeka that the hospital was capable of all possible treatments, he went ahead to pray for him, thank him for his help in bringing his sister to the hospital and as well giving his daughter a second chance.

Emeka was deeply touched by Bassey’s humility and calmness and unlike the first time, he held him on his shoulder and said, “We have all made mistakes in life, and we just have to learn to forgive ourselves and move on.” “I did that a long time ago, I need you to do that as well. Anybody could have fallen into the trap you fell into Bassey, it doesn’t make us bad people, and it just shows us how human we are and how vulnerable we could be to self.” Emeka spoke again. “Thank you, uncle, for your calm and soul healing words, I never forgave myself for what I did to your daughter”, Bassey said. “Neither did I forgive myself for what I did to her”, Emeka responded as he walked away from Bassey and headed for the exit door.

Everything was happening so fast, Clara sat in the lounge as she waited for her father who was already on his way downstairs to meet with her. She was due to meet with her father in Calabar, she guessed he wanted to meet her together with her mother but the address he sent was a hotel located very close to the teaching hospital. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t visit him in his hometown but since her father had insisted they met in Calabar first, she had no choice but to come directly from the airport. She had called her mother to inform her of her father’s arrangement and Eno had encouraged her to do whatever her father told her to do. She went further to assure her it was in her own best interest.

Clara’s eyes caught the glimpse of a man climbing down the stairs gracefully, he looked extremely cool, calm and collected. The white shirt and his jean trousers looked so fitted on him showing his muscles and structures even more. His gait looked like he visited the gym often and his smile was capable of sweeping any woman off her feet.

Clara of those days would have done anything to have a go with him as he walked towards her. Clara adjusted herself on her sit as the stranger sat even closer thereby making her uncomfortable. His cologne had to be Hugo Boss, one of the very expensive ones and the freshness of his skin felt crispy as his body touched hers. Clara lifted her entire body to give him enough space to sit when he suddenly brought out his right hand to give her a handshake as he introduced himself.

“My name is Emeka and you are Chinyere”, Emeka said with a big grin on his face revealing his complete white dentition. Clara not minding the serenity of the environment they were in, gave a loud scream as she held on to him as tightly as she could like she was an eight year old.

Emeka’s grip felt so strong that he practically lifted up his daughter before he remembered his back called his attention to the slight pains he experienced once in a while. Both father and daughter could not let go of each other even when eyes turned around them.

Kingsley had called at intervals to be sure Clara had reached her destination, their last conversation was after she landed at the airport and her sudden lack of response to his calls were beginning to get his head thinking different thoughts. He rushed back from the toilet when he suddenly heard his phone ring in the sitting room, he was sure it was her but the voice he heard on the other side sounded more masculine than Clara’s voice. Clara had called Kingsley after missing about 24 calls from him but handed her phone to her father just for Emeka to speak with Kingsley and tell him she had arrived safely. Kingsley’s heart almost jumped out from his mouth but hearing Clara’s voice on the background helped calm him down as he eventually found out that he was speaking with Clara’s dad. He almost squatted on the floor just to show respect for the man on the other side, his joy knew no bounds as he heard Clara practically rejoicing at the top of her voice stealing a little space on the phone as well just telling him how happy she was.

After their reunion, Emeka held his daughter by her hand and insisted they had to visit a friend of his at the hospital opposite them. Excited and overjoyed Clara just hopped along as they both discussed everything. They got to the door leading to the ward and Emeka turned to his daughter and said: “Your mum had a fall but she is better now.”‪


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