The Best of Men (75)

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January 10, 2018
January 11, 2018

The Best of Men (75)

Clara looked at her father in total dismay, she was not sure if she heard him well, they were visiting a friend and she just got off the phone speaking with her mother a couple of hours ago. “Was he already remarried?” she wondered with her head bowed down kicking the wall which stood erect beside her. Emeka knocked on the door and quietly pressed an ear on it to get a response. Clara popped a question, “have you seen her or someone told you?” Still confused. “Yes, I have seen your mother”, he responded as he flung the door open and ushered Clara into the ward which housed Eno, her grandmother and Bassey. Eno looked so alive and fresh even though she had something around her hips.

Clara was shocked, to say the least, she gave her father who was now laughing really hard a tap on his right shoulder like a child as she walked towards the bed to meet her mother whose hands were already in the air waiting for her daughter to fill them up. Clara gently went into the waiting arms and gave her mum a warm hug.

She had seen this scene in her dreams over and over again, the location was wrong but the characters were perfect. The only missing characters were her brothers. She looked at her mum in tears and gave her another big hug whispering in her ears, “how did you do it mum?” Eno with a very beautiful smile, the first Clara had seen in twenty years, held Clara’s face maintaining an eyeball to eyeball contact whispered back, “God did it, sweetheart, I did nothing.” Clara smiled mildly with one hand rubbing the pad on her waist and the other on her shoulder wondering what could have happened to her and why no one informed her about it. “Too many questions to ask”, she thought to herself but at that moment, all she wanted was to savour the beauty of the events that had just occurred and enjoy the benefits of serving a faithful and loving God. Her prayers, desires, wishes and dreams had just been granted when she least expected and all she did was to go on her knees.

Emeka moved closer to her, helped her wipe the tears which poured so freely down her face. He hugged her even harder in tears with Eno watching gracefully the reunion of father and daughter who bonded so perfectly like they were never separated. She could not have asked differently, she certainly couldn’t have had it any other way, she thought to herself as she smiled and wiped her tears from her face at the same time while Bassey and his mother simply watched still lost in their own silent thoughts.

In five months, Eno had begun to walk again with the aid of a walking stick and without support from anyone. The fall had turned out to be more a miracle than a problem for her, everything about her weak limbs seemed to have been corrected, her knee pains were gone and her joints were cooperating perfectly with the rest of her body. Emeka had taken full responsibility of her upkeep and had maintained just friendship with her for the sake of their children. She now had access to her boys who were now very grown men judging by their voices and she could not wait for the day when they would finally come home with her grandchildren.

Kingsley had already met with Clara’s family and the marriage dues had been given to them. The traditional marriage was scheduled for the month of November in Clara’s hometown while the white wedding was to hold in Lagos in December the same year after the registry.

Clara, Kingsley and Joy were at a table at one of the restaurants in Lagos, the trio were having a sort of get-together with a table fully loaded with so much to eat and drink. It was a thanksgiving period for all of them and Joy who was placed at the centre of it all wondered in her heart what she did as the couple showered praises to God for bringing her into their lives. Joy was thrilled at how they felt she did anything when in her heart she knew God brought love, self-worth and self-dignity back into her life when he made her meet Clara.

Gesticulating as she spoke to the couple like she was giving a speech to them on why she didn’t deserve any accolades for whatever they thought she did, she suddenly noticed the couple who seemed so engrossed with what she was saying had been distracted by something else behind her. Turning her head towards the direction of their heads, a palm wider than her small face covered her face before she could make any sense of who Clara and Kingsley had seen and were beginning to get up to greet.‪


Bunmi Olaoke

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