The Best of Men (77)

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January 12, 2018
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January 13, 2018

The Best of Men (77)

Clara could feel a strain on her chest as the wedding date drew near; the long-awaited day seemed closer than she expected. She had ordered all her outfits and even though everything was set for both events, something vital was still missing. She put a call through to her elder brothers once again to persuade them to come for the events but as always both lines were unavailable.

She wanted so much to be walked down the aisle in the company of her father and her siblings since the church already permitted it. She had always visualized them beside her on her wedding day long before she met Kingsley but this dream was a far cry from her reality as both brothers were on business trips and might not even be able to make the wedding, let alone walking anyone down the aisle. They had promised to come home after the wedding though as soon as they were chanced. As hurting as those words were, Clara didn’t have much of a choice. Everything she had ever prayed or wished for had come through for her, she activated her heart of gratitude as she smiled to herself wondering why she wanted everything like a fairytale dream wedding when she could recall vividly how far she had come just for this day to come.

The traditional attire was a combination of several beads worn around Clara’s waistline, her head, her neckline and her wrists. She had another beautifully woven bead falling down her shoulders like a cape and if Kingsley had not seen her eyeballs from far away, he would have passed Clara off as someone else. Her skin glowed and shone like glass, she looked like a goddess from a faraway land. She presented the wine glass to her husband who was dressed in a white fitting native attire with an embroidery which looked like an art specially made from the north on the tip of the two short sleeved hands and the neckline woven down to his chest area with a wrapper made with an expensive judge material tied around his waist. His neck piece was a red bead of exact similarity with what Clara wore lying peacefully on his chest and a pair of black suede shoes with a walking stick to complete his dressing. Kingsley stood up and bent down to meet his soul mate, he pulled her up to himself as they both put the glass in his mouth for him to drink.

Joy was moved to tears as she watches the whole drama being played like a movie scene. She had expected everything to play out beautifully but what she saw at the event was better than what she could possibly have imagined. She wiped her tears as Kingsley and Clara were pronounced husband and wife before the audience. She played back several memories of how it all began and how they finally got here. She had learnt too much in barely eight years and she knows she still has a lot more to learn as Clara who had danced herself to stupor walked up to her tiredly to give her a big hug for being there for her.

Joy held Clara so tightly to herself, she cried even more as she remembered their hangouts and dates which was definitely going to stop now that her friend was married. Amidst the tears, she pulled her friend a seat and beckoned on her to sit on it for a last minute advice. She knew she should have said it a long time ago but it was better late than never she thought.

“Never have I met a woman as beautiful and crazy as you, Clara”, she quipped smiling as she wiped the phlegm drooling from her nostrils. Clara giggled now in tears as well as Joy continued. “None is perfect, do not expect perfection from Kingsley no matter how much you wish for it in your heart. Pray for him, pamper him, love him, mould and build his ego at all times, never deny him anything especially that one you are so skilled at.”, admonished Joy. Both girls laughed out so hard as Joy hit her leg severally knowing Clara knew exactly what she meant. “I won’t be your best friend anymore, Kingsley will now be your best friend and companion”, she continued. “Don’t get me wrong, I will always be your friend, I have just been stripped as your best that’s all.” Crying and smiling at the same time as she paused again to take in some air before she continued what she had to say. ‪


Bunmi Olaoke

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