Victimized (1)

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February 1, 2018
Concoction Rice
February 2, 2018

Victimized (1)

The entire arena felt warm,  there was no single sound except a few grunts from a distance. She could feel some breathing around her as well but “her eyes! “, “her face! “! ” What’s going on here” she thought aloud. Her eyes and mouth were gagged, “I am in trouble” She thought again. Making some sounds to alert anyone else in the room initially felt like the right thing to do but “what sound could a gagged mouth possibly produce”? Her soul asked in soliloquy.  She wasn’t alone,  that was a fact but “who else could be here”? She added to her set of rhetorics. She could have let out a scream but “What if we have been kidnapped” she thought weakly, Sandra,  you ask too many questions she answered herself this time, she had suddenly activated her inner self.

Sandra wasn’t exactly sure of what was happening around her,  she struggled to get up but to her dismay,  she felt a sudden uneasiness with her entirety. The pain on her shoulders had become worse, she had nursed it since she started her salon business but what she felt right now couldn’t in anyway be compared with what she had experienced from her over ten years in business. She made to move them ” if only I can adjust them to position them properly I will be fine”  she reminded herself. Something seemed to be tying her down even after she managed to adjust herself.  She moved again to reach her shoulders with her hands but her arms had been tied probably with a rope or something that felt like a duct tape.

Sandra was now certain she was in trouble, “what kind of trouble”? She thought to herself. Her heartbeat had increased since she regained her consciousness,  she could feel her heart right in her mouth,  goose pimples grew all over her body as she remembered Aunty Jessica. “Hmm…  I hope she is not in trouble as well”  she thought to herself.  Fear gripped her heart as she heard a screech on the door far down the hall.  The door opened and footsteps moved closer noisily towards where she laid,  she stayed still like she was still unconscious as they moved closer to her and their voices became louder until she was able to pick out a familiar voice out of so many.


Bunmi Olaoke

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