Victimized (10)

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February 13, 2018
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February 14, 2018

Victimized (10)

His words rang in Alice’s head like a hammer, the hairs on her body all stood at attention like they awaited the whistle for a go ahead. Her face had gone from glossy yellow cream to blood-red, she launched at her husband like a bull who had just seen red and before anyone could come between them, Alice was already on her husband punching him like a woman would while he held her hands to prevent them from hitting his face. He held her down for a while till he could turn her around and in no time he was already on top of her, giving her the beating of her life.

Alice and Martin’s fight had become music to their neighbor’s ears. As newlyweds, the neighbor’s around them usually interfered but what they saw them do after every fight made them desist completely from interfering. Usually, when a fight ensues between them during the night they always made up before daybreak making their neighbors seem like fools, but unlike everyone fight they had ever had, even their children knew this one was different.

Before dawn, Martin’s had left the house without taking his breakfast which was usually always prepared by Sandra, something he had never done before.  Alice didn’t seem to budge about it as she also went ahead with her business of the day like nothing was wrong.

Sandra on the other hand already discussed the cause of the rift between their parents with her siblings and just like their father had suggested, they also aligned with him in total support that the so-called aunty Jessica be brought home.

Sandra strolled into her shop earlier than the usual time, she needed to think and staying at home was not helping her in any way. The last 24 hours have been saddled with both joy and sadness mixed together leaving her in-between the “lion and the deep blue sea” confused and grossly unhappy. She wanted so much to align with her father and her siblings but at the same time, she wished her father could understand the angle her mother was speaking from. This was an opportunity not just for her but for the entire family, to move them away from the stagnant life to an even brighter future.

She knew Aunty Jessica wasn’t going to leave her tight schedule just to sign an undertaken for a trip which was just an offer that could either be accepted or rejected. She had seen the number of girls that flocked around her and flanked her on every side on a regular basis, she knew there was a big benefit tied to just being around her, how much more is highly recommended by her, she thought.

Sandra knew she had to take the bull by the horn and in doing that, she knew toes were going to be stepped on.

The knock on the door ended Jessica’s call abruptly, “Please come in” she responded.   “Hey!!! Sandra, it’s you, please take a seat”. Pointing her hands to the sit right in front of her desk. “As she watched Sandra walk slowly towards the chair to sit on it.” I hope all is well my darling”? She noticed Sandra’s change in attitude.  “Yes ma” Sandra replied with teary eyes.  Jessica got up immediately, left her side of the table and walked over to where Sandra sat and squatted before her to inquire the cause of her worried appearance. Sandra narrated all that happened through the night with her parents and after much talk, she looked straight into Aunty Jessica’s eyes and rejected out – rightly the offer adding that she came forward soon enough because she wanted someone else to be considered for the trip. Sandra thanked Jessica for finding her worthy of such a big offer and prayed that her ancestors rewarded her accordingly.


Bunmi Olaoke

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