Victimized (8)

February 9, 2018
Sick Bay
February 12, 2018

Victimized (8)

It was a day just like any other, Sandra and Aunty Jessica had not only become friends but almost like sisters.  Everyone in Sandra’s house heard Jessica’s name a lot but never got to meet her in person. It’s been three long years since she walked into her shop and three years of joy and happiness for Sandra’s family. Jessica had not only transformed Sandra’s business,  her life had impacted greatly on Sandra as all her siblings had been able to not just pay their school fees but not once had they been sent home like other kids.  Her parents even though had never met Jessica were grateful for her help and kindness towards them.

“There is an international training I would love you to attend Sandra, amongst all the ladies trained here, you are still the most outstanding beyond reasonable doubts” she spoke affirmatively. “Each time I look into your eyes, I see a rare potential in them and I am ready to put my money on them. I would want you to spread your tentacles beyond the locals.” she continued.

Sandra still quietly sitting before her, stared in awe, short of words and speechless as she listened in utmost concentration. “I would have called other girls but something in me desires to have you there first and maybe subsequently others will follow” she added.  “This is the first of its kind and I will want you to take it seriously for this will determine how far you will go in life.” she concluded with a loud grin on her face.

Sandra couldn’t have thought an offer so big was ever going to land on her laps so easily,  she had heard lots and lots of girls leave Benin for similar offers probably in other countries and she had seen them return home with so much money and looking so good.  Just a couple of months ago, she had heard the son of her neighbor had traveled to Malaysia with just an invite from a friend and he was yet to return from a trip that was only meant to be a visit.

As far as she was concerned, he had moved to greener pastures and he was obviously better off where he was.

Sandra smilingly graciously went on her knees in tears thanking Jessica with both hands clasped together like she was giving obeisance to a deity.

She requested for a little time to think about it and discuss it with her family before giving a final approval. She could not imagine this coming to her, everything seemed too good to be true but as she pinched herself under the desk where she placed them on her knees, she knew it was her reality. Jessica knew the news was going to excite Sandra but Sandra’s excitement touched her deeply as she understood what it meant to the poor girl. Jessica got up from her seat, helped Sandra get back on her sit as she hugged her ” Take your time dear,  the offer is open till the end of the month” she told her,  ” Think well about it but while you do that,  remember this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, take it if you can”.  She concluded.

Sandra dashed into her house like she was being chased by something, both her parents stood up from where they sat with their hairs standing upright in attention. Sandra’s mum was already heading for the room to hide under the bed when she noticed no one was following her daughter in after she shut the door behind her and flew on her dad still shouting at the top of her voice crying and laughing at the same time. “Papa!!, Mama!! It has happened o, it has happened, she said repeatedly as she left her dad and jumped on her mum as well.  Smiling and clapping his hands while still wondering what the good news was, Sandra’s dad watched his daughter’s drama as she danced alongside her mum.

Sandra finally gathered herself together and began to narrate to them what Jessica had just told her. Hahaha!!! My ancestors have answered my prayers, said her mother as she danced around the entire sitting room grabbing her daughters arm inviting her to dance alongside. This is the best news I have heard in my entire life she said again as she danced ceaselessly sweating profusely. “Women!!!” as he sighed in unbelief, nodding his head as he picked a sit behind him and sat down with his right chin resting on his  right palm wondering what to do with the news he just got as he shrugged his shoulders at intervals staring at the two women who seemed so excited about something so delicate and sensitive.

“Here we go again” Sandra’s mum snorted back at him, “What is it again, she asked.  “You should be happy for our daughter”, she said again. “This was what you did when she wanted to start this same business and see how it has eventually turned out” holding her daughter behind her back like she was protecting her from something bad.

Sandra’s father simply stared at his wife in disbelief but kept his cool as he needed his family to come together first before they decided if this was truly a news worth rejoicing over or not.


Bunmi Olaoke

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