Victimized (9)

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February 12, 2018
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February 13, 2018

Victimized (9)

At dinner, Sandra picked her food one by one, the tension on the dining table could be felt by everyone including her three brothers even though they had no idea about the matters at hand. The quietness of her father concerning the trip issue was beginning to get to her and his intermittent sighs and grunts were getting more annoying as she watched him eat his food like a lion devouring his prey. Her mother’s nagging attitude wasn’t helping in anyway either as she also won’t stop hissing alongside her bulging eyes and twisted lips.

Sandra suddenly cringed as her father finally cleared his throat, something he did anytime there was an important issue to be discussed.  Pushing aside his plates and leaning forward with both elbows supporting his chin below his head, a move Sandra knew so well, Mr. Martin’s Simon finally spoke.

” I have thought about the proposal put before me for Sandra to go on an international training ” he said, ” As much as I seek the best for our daughter and your sister”, her three brothers looking lost and confused maintained straight faces as they waited for him to shed more light on whatever he was trying to say. I have my reservations concerning it. He added. “Even though her going into this line of business was never my idea and I only gave my consent for peace to reign,  I still retain the sole right and authority to decide and give my final verdict on this trip as her father and the head of the home.” he added. “Hmm” Alice grunted under her voice sighing heavily alongside.

“It is however in my opinion that Sandra should tread carefully concerning this matter” he continued, “It will be absurd for a learned, educated, brilliant and trained teacher like me.. “, beating his chest hard as he raised his head above his shoulders “Here we go again with the encomiums, Sandra thought, silently watching her father shower himself with the usual self-acclaimed “Ode”.

Sandra shrouded as her father hit the imaginary sledge on the table. “I am not giving a go-ahead to this proposal if the so-called Aunty Jessica does not show up before me to tell me about the trip herself” speaking conclusively adjusting the seat as he got up “She has to sign an undertaken” walking away as he headed for his bedroom leaving everyone else to decide the next line of action while his wife Alice watched him leave in disgust. “Yeye man” Alice said silently to herself in soliloquy as she also briskly walked behind her husband.

The night didn’t end until past at almost daybreak, Sandra didn’t think her father’s decision was rash but her mum just wouldn’t hear it.  As far as Alice was concerned, Martin’s was simply making a mountain out of a molehill. In her conclusion, Martin’s was fond of complicating small matters and she was hell-bent on ensuring he didn’t win this one. “You see everything as a competition” Martin’s spoke angrily at his wife, “there is absolutely no basis for comparison” he added. “I understand you can’t reason the way I do”, he continued, “Asides the fact that you are a woman, you are also not educated in any way. So I don’t expect anything different, it will be too foolish of me too. “Speaking affirmatively.


Bunmi Olaoke

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