Victimized (12)

Lost and Found
March 20, 2018
Once Upon a Time
March 21, 2018

Victimized (12)

Sandra returned home for the first time in a very long while empty-handed, speaking to no one, she went straight to her room and simply just slept off.  Alice noticed the friction in her daughter’s attitude towards her siblings but in her conclusion, she probably overworked herself through the day.

Sandra left home early the next day believing the reasons for the lack of patronage the previous day was due to her lateness to work but alas, she was wrong, she watched the clock tick-tack from till and no booked person showed up nor called in to say why.  She recorded the same trend for more than two weeks and even though everything was settled between her parents concerning the trip, she remained extremely sad for she knew she could have simply just closed the shop anyway and gone for the seminar which promises to spread her tentacles home and abroad.

She had not heard nor seen Aunty Jessica since she left her office about a month ago and not one call put through to her was returned. At this point, even she knew it was time to really get worried “but who do I discuss this with”? She thought. She could have discussed with her parents but she knew that would exhume too many buried issues, her siblings were too young to understand the consequences of the present trend and her friends were already far gone since she decided to do business instead of furthering on her education.

While still in her worried thoughts, Rebecca coincidentally passed by her shop and stepped into it. After standing by her door for almost one minute without Sandra noticing she was even there, she knew something was going on with her friend.

Rebecca hit her friend on her head to snap her out of her misery and to her surprise, she noticed Sandra was in tears as she wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“Talk to me girlfriend”, what’s wrong with the business mogul of our time, she said jokingly as she grabbed herself a seat beside Sandra. “Hmm”, Sandra heaved heavily, “I am in trouble Rebecca”, and she began to speak, I had wanted to call you but thank God you are here now” she continued “I don’t know what happened or what I did wrongly, business in the last one month has been terrible, it’s actually worse than it was before my training at the Vocational Centre”, “I think you should also go for it too anyway” she quickly slotted that in as she continued to narrate her recent ordeals to Rebecca who surprisingly listened with keen interest. “I got an offer to even travel abroad for further training from the owner of the NGO, she gave me a very high recommendation and threw the offer at me for free.” “It is an all-expense paid trip and the conference was going to handle the accommodation, the feeding and your set up in any country of your choice if they find you indispensable.”  She continued.

“I am still waiting for that part where you got into trouble” Rebecca quickly added.  “I rejected the offer”, Sandra replied her. “OSANOBUA” “OTENMWEN” you must be joking. Rebecca screamed aloud in her dialect, “How could you have rejected such an offer”?  She spoke again, “Haba now” she continued as she got up, repositioned her chair to face Sandra directly, “Business nose-dived since I did”, Sandra continued.  “Papa insists the woman must come and tell him by herself but Mama is in support of the whole deal” she said affirmatively. “Both of them were at loggerheads when I told them, I had to just cancel for peace to reign.” She added.

“You seem to forget you have your life to live abi”? Rebecca asked her quietly, “they have lived their lives, you better start thinking of how you will live yours.” Rebecca added.

“I am in a dilemma Rebecca, what do you suggest I do”?  Sandra asked in confusion. “You know exactly what you have to do Sandra”, “you don’t need me to tell you anything”, “Your mother already supports the deal, “what more do you need to know”? She asked in rhetoric, “Just don’t forget to send for me as well when another opportunity presents itself.” Rebecca added with a sheepish smile on her face as she rose from her seat to take her leave.


Bunmi Olaoke

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