Victimized (15)

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March 23, 2018
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March 26, 2018

Victimized (15)

Jessica stood behind the door with both hands on her head, she appeared like she was trying to talk herself out of her fury, “What nonsense”, she shouted in soliloquy… She managed to get to her table right on time to pick the call that kept ringing in her already angered head. She stood at ease as she received instructions from the other side of her phone and while the call was still on, she heard a knock on her door…  She held on to the mouthpiece of the phone for a few seconds while she beckoned on whoever was at the door to come in.

Rebecca walked in quietly and bent slightly to greet Jessica who showed her a sent to sit on. Jessica spoke more in parables as far as Rebecca was concerned, she coded every word in monosyllables.  The call lasted for a couple of minutes before Jessica finally raised her head to even get a glimpse of the woman who sat right before her.

“Good morning madam” Jessica greeted as she dropped her phone on the table.  “Please, how can I help you”?  Jessica enquired forcing a smile on her strained face.

Rebecca introduced herself but ensured she didn’t mention Sandra’s name all through the interview.  She didn’t understand why Sandra insisted she shouldn’t but she feared she might lose her chances with Jessica if she did.

Rebecca spent a couple of minutes with Jessica and she was certain her enrollment was settled with the center. She was about leaving when another call came through for Jessica, this time around, she mentioned Sandra smith’s name as the possible candidate for a certain assignment. There was a brief argument between the caller and Jessica but Rebecca maintained her cool as she listened to her responses about how Sandra would do a better job and how she possessed all the necessary qualities. She also mentioned something about personal delivery. Rebecca blinked her eyes severally, she tapped her feet on the floor almost at the same times as she began to wipe clean her sweaty palms with her wrapper. She waited for the call to end so she could rush to Sandra’s shop, she had so much to tell and she wanted to be the first to tell her friend the supposed good news.

Sandra sat quietly in the cab that conveyed her to her shop, she had finally reached a dead-end and her father had surely won this time around she smiled as the breath escaped through her nostrils.  She talked to herself severally about the next line of action, “Should I just succumb to papa’s return to school request”?  She asked and she sighed again in confusion, “Should I join mama in her business”?  She asked again in rhetorics. “Business has become very bad and I don’t have enough again to sustain myself, how do I pay the rent for the shop “?  She pondered. “Too many questions with no answers” she thought as she leaned her back on the chair.


Bunmi Olaoke

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