Victimized (16)

Birthday Expectations
March 26, 2018
March 27, 2018

Victimized (16)

Jessica could not hide her excitement as she discussed with Rebecca, the grin on her face alone showed Rebecca had already been admitted to the center. Rebecca knew it was her lucky day and that phone call must have contributed immensely to it.  Jessica didn’t request for anything from her and that seemed rather strange to Rebecca, Sandra had told her Jessica had to be very impressed with certain attributes before she could admit anyone, she wondered. Sandra’s case was different, Jessica practically walked into her life by herself and she couldn’t object to her request for a chance to be trained because she had seen her work several times. Jessica stood up after handing Rebecca the form to fill,  shook hands with her  “Do whatever it takes to be properly trained here,  girls who get trained here are given assistance that could earn them international connections for any vocation learned” she spoke confidently as she held Rebecca’s arm tightly.  “She sure has a strong grip”, Rebecca thought, “a very masculine type” she smiled again as she bent her head shyly with joy and prayed for the most intelligent woman she ever met. “I won’t disappoint ma, I promise to make you proud” she quickly added as she watched Jessica who already busied herself immediately with some documents on her table.

Alice checked her phone at intervals, she tied and untied her wrapper several times as she dusted her wares every minute to ward off the angry files that were beginning to encroach her territory.  “Sandra must not miss this opportunity”, she spoke silently. She thought of calling Sandra herself but her daughter had assured her earlier in the day that she would call as soon as she got clarity concerning the trip.

Business had not exactly been impressive and Sandra’s sudden drop in patronage was beginning to affect them at home.  “Hmm” Alice heaved wondering what would become of them if anything goes wrong.

Sandra saw her shop from afar, her face turned blue at the sight of the locked doors and the state of dilapidation it has suddenly assumed. “Truly, the beauty of the body lies in the breath, when life leaves a body,  decay becomes inevitable” that has become her testimony as she wiped off the tear that dropped from her eyes as her face took the shape of a sad smile. “It’s a dead end” she thought again as she managed to get a grip of herself and got down from the bus.

Rebecca left Jessica’s office with a different tale, she wanted so much to get superpowers that could just land her in Sandra’s shop to thank her and be the first to tell her what she overheard Jessica say on the phone. She had called Sandra several times but the network wasn’t exactly friendly.  She rushed to get her document submitted but what she thought would take minutes dragged into several minutes and eventually hours.  At some point, she forgot about the call and the visit she needed to make, it was a very hectic day.

Sandra’s head rested peacefully on the table before her,  her eyes still swollen and red,  it’s been a very sad day for her,  she had never been insulted and humiliated like that by anyone,  she wondered if she was to blame or not.  It was supposed to be solely her decision, it was an open offer, she could either take it or reject it, the choice was hers to make. Why would Jessica take it so personal she thought in her heart?  “Truly, she loves me” Sandra concluded.  “Not even my father could take my case so passionately” she wondered while wishing she could get a second chance to make things right as she gradually slipped into the dark.


Bunmi Olaoke

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