Victimized (18)

Christmas Time
March 28, 2018
Intertribal Wars
March 29, 2018

Victimized (18)

There was an immediate need to return everything Sandra had taken home back to the shop, she almost sought the assistance of a fellow friend to help with the work but her customers displayed a level of maturity even she could not fathom. They miraculously extended her finish time and paid her even more for the extra work done on them.

The journey back home for the first three days was usually always tiring, everyone at home noticed the pleasantness she displayed despite the tired look each time she returned home and even there was anything to be grateful for, Sandra had begun once again to leave some money on the table like she usually did every money before business turned sour. Alice was the most grateful as she thanked her daughter a million times every day for her gestures while wishing her daughter who had intentionally kept mute about the sudden change in trend would tell her what was happening.

Sandra doubted her reality every morning as she left home for work, she remained quiet about all that was happening as she was not certain if the trend would continue after the job she had on her shoulders had completed. She was certain that the mirage would eventually clear and the realities will start to unfold.

After about six days of so much work, Sandra eventually finished her work and began to fidget about what tomorrow had in store.  She wondered where the ladies surfaced from and even though she asked them who directed them to her shop, each one of them gave an entirely different source.

Hmm… Sandra began to tap her pen on the table in her shop,  she didn’t just make so much money from making their hair,  she had made so much from the sale of attachments and weave-on as well. Scratching her head in confusion, Sandra wondered if things had eventually changed or nature was simply playing on her fragile mind.

Still lost in her thought as she rested her head on her work desk, Sandra heard movements around her shop, she raised her head quickly to listen better and before she could get up from where she sat, a lady in her early twenties had entered her shop, she was in the company of five other girls who were also within the same age range.  “Is there space for us ma” she inquired, Sandra wondered again what she wanted as the girl pointed to her hair. “Sure, please come in as she ushered all of them into her shop offering them seats while she took their hair orders.  Things had surely changed Sandra thought as she made their hair.” Thank God I rejected the offer to travel “she thought louder as eyes balls rolled in several directions trying to keep the stubborn yearning to find its way back into her tear duct.

Sandra had barely got halfway with the first lady’s hair when a tinted black shiny range rover jeep parked in front of her shop. Out flew several girls again who headed for her shop immediately gisting with themselves like they were already familiar guest while the driver reversed and picked a better position to park the Jeep.  Sandra left the hair she was making as she moved towards the door to attend to the girls whose head was filled with rumpled and dirty looking hairstyles which obviously needed to be attended to.

“We want to make our hair”, they all chorused like they had rehearsed it.  “Ah…”  Sandra exclaimed, “I am sorry there is no space” she replied, as she listened to herself. “What an irony”, she thought.  She actually had moved from nothing to overwhelming abundance even she could not begin to fathom. She pointed a shop down the street to them as she begged her client to please wait for her while she quickly took them there.  “Noo”, the girls were adamant, “we will wait”, and they responded and laughed simultaneously as two of them went to the Jeep to speak with the driver.

The driver seemed to take a while to decide on what to do as the girls waited a couple of minutes discussing something with whoever it was.  After a couple of minutes, a man stepped out of the car,  smiled at Sandra as he greeted her while he headed towards the back door to open it. Sandra’s hair rose like an army as her eyes met with Aunty Jessica’s as she stepped out of the car.


Bunmi Olaoke

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