Victimized (19)

Intertribal Wars
March 29, 2018
March 31, 2018

Victimized (19)

Gorgeous and elegant were the only descriptions in Sandra’s head, after Sandra’s experience at her office, a lot of things had gone through Sandra’s mind concerning this woman she had always regarded as a goddess. She had regarded her as ugly and bad spirited, she couldn’t have imagined herself treat anybody with such disregard over such a trivial issue. But as she looked at her now, every bad description didn’t just fit in anymore. Jessica had an aura that could draw anyone close to her even Sandra in her disgust and confusion, couldn’t hide her acknowledgment of the strength Jessica had in her that radiated more in her beauty.

Sandra stepped quietly out of her shop as she wiped her hands with her apron alongside to prevent her clients from being insulted in case Jessica wanted to create another scene like she did at her office.

Sandra’s heartbeat increased in a progression that was geometric, the least person she expected to see at her shop was Aunty Jessica and as she watched her walk majestically towards her shop, she could taste her heart right in her mouth.

“Good afternoon ma” everyone in Sandra’s shop greeted Jessica even before Sandra could utter a word of greeting. Sandra’s head turned backwards in shock, everyone was already on their feet looking excitedly at Jessica like their savior had just arrived. Within seconds, everything made complete sense to Sandra.  Jessica had obviously been responsible for the turnaround in her business just as she was the first time she walked into the agency.

Sandra tried to find her voice as she greeted Jessica with a suddenly lost voice as she clearing her throat severally without a single sound. Her experience in the last couple of months made her realize she owed Jessica so much and in gratitude, she bent her head to greet Jessica since her vocal cavity had failed her when she needed it the most.

Jessica moved closer to Sandra, held her hand and squeezed them in hers as she entered the shop leaving Sandra behind as one of the girls vacated her seat for her to sit. Jessica acting like nothing bad ever transpired between herself and Sandra enquired about her business and how long the remaining girls would have to wait for their hairs to be done. Sandra with a shaky voice responded immediately and Jessica who seemed in a hurry to get somewhere handed Sandra a bunch of currencies an amount which even Sandra knew was way more than the required amount for the job.

Jessica stepped out immediately and Sandra hurriedly followed suit running behind her to catch up knowing she had a lot of apologies to give if only she knew how…


Bunmi Olaoke

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