April 1, 2018
Eclipse of the Heart
April 4, 2018


Halima tried not to remember her past, it was very difficult but she made an effort to not remember anything from her past and start over.

She changed her name, address, job, personality and everything that could remind her of the pain she went through but still she was reminded in one way or the other.

The courage she had gotten to leave the abusive relationship when she had was something she was eternally thankful for but deep down she knew it was over.

Burying everything that had happened and pretending it didn’t, was just her living a lie and she knew she wasn’t truly living.

So, she decided to remember it all and tell it all and hopefully help someone else who was facing the same ordeal.

The minute she let everything off her chest, she knew that she was finally free, no more secrets, no more hiding, just free.

May Okanigbe

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