I Will Die for You
May 15, 2018
You and I
May 16, 2018


Rose had a big ego and why wouldn’t she when she was as beautiful as her name and she knew it. Everyone stared when she walked by and it was a normal thing for her.

She was accustomed to getting her way anywhere she went because the men admired her and the women envied her and she became proud and arrogant about it. She depended on her beauty so much that it became the only thing she had.

When she met Marvin a big-time art director to get an ambassador job with his company, she smiled and tried to use her beauty to charm him but he barely acknowledged her but instead focused on his conversation with another lady who in Rose’s opinion, wasn’t even pretty but they kept talking about so many things that Rose had absolutely no idea about.

In the end, he gave the contract to the other lady because he believed beauty without brains was nothing and that was when Rose realized she needed to curb her ego and get some depth.

May Okanigbe

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