Say Yes

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August 7, 2018
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August 9, 2018

Say Yes

Lekan and Regina had been together for just six months but he was sure that they were meant to spend eternity, but he wasn’t sure if she was as convicted as he was.

It was a week to her birthday and he had made up his mind to propose to her a day before, he didn’t want to do it on the day because that was too common.

She had told him she didn’t want a party so they were just going to dinner for her birthday, so he showed up the morning before with a bouquet of flowers and when she opened the card that came with it, she saw the ring.

He got on his knees immediately with his heart in hands, he couldn’t read her expression and he felt like his heart had stopped beating.

Then he asked her, “Regina, will you marry me?” and in the eternity before she responded, he went through all the possible outcomes and knew that life without her won’t be complete.

Then she burst into tears and said, “Yes, I will. What took you so long?”. That was the scariest and happiest moment of his life wrapped into one.’

May Okanigbe

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