A Little Time

September 27, 2018
Apple of My Eyes
October 3, 2018

A Little Time

All Abel wanted, was to spend a little time with her but he didn’t even know how to tell her that. Even growing up with four sisters had not prepared him for his encounter with Tola.

She had arrived with a team a week earlier to the campground before Abel’s team did. Being her team leader, she was the one giving them the orientation on the need to knows of their research work.

Abel had had a very difficult time concentrating from the minute he laid eyes on her. She was a beautiful as she was rugged, as he was in awe of her.

He had never been a lady’s man but he wanted to be her man but he didn’t know how to tell her that because every time she smiled, he forgot everything and ended up babbling like an idiot.

May Okanigbe

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