Why Are the Good Ones Taken

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September 18, 2018
My First Audition
September 21, 2018

Why Are the Good Ones Taken

Sylvia was sad because it was a week to her 30th birthday and she was still unmarried. Not just that she was unmarried, she had no man in her life to call hers.

She was overall a very nice person, hardworking and focused but where her relationships were concerned, it had been a series of disasters.

Sometimes she blamed herself for being too picky but the truth was, she was not ready to make a lifelong committing with just any scumbag who came her way, she wasn’t that desperate.

So many people tried to convince her to give up the search because there were no good men out there. But she knew there were. She had met a good number of them but they were always taken.

Sylvia wondered what she needed to do to be the one with one of the good men she knew because she was tired of looking at her perfect man with his perfect woman.

May Okanigbe

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