All Is Not Lost

October 24, 2018
Trust Nobody
October 25, 2018

All Is Not Lost

When people thought about Ned, what came to their minds was always outcast, because that was how he was, cut off from the world, a loner.

Ned never planned to turn out that way, he had grown up in a military home, so they had to move to different cities almost every year, sometimes less, and he got tired of the routine.

Being the new kid at school all the time and making new friends and then having to move yet again. Eventually, he gave up and decided to be on his own.

He forgot how it was to have friends and he didn’t even know how to make friends anymore until he met Rick. Rick was the life of the party and he saw Ned as a challenge, they became friends and he started dragging him everywhere.

After a while, Ned started to make other friends and he knew that truly, all was not lost and that child in him that always wanted to belong was still there.

May Okanigbe

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