Hit the Road

October 26, 2018
The End
October 29, 2018

Hit the Road

Helen had lived all her life in the same town and she had loved every minute of it. it was a small town where everybody knew everybody but she didn’t mind.

As soon as she turned twenty, she joined the family business and before long, took over the running of the business and she was doing pretty well for herself.

When she turned thirty though she realized something was missing, a man. Not that there were no men there but she had no interest in any of them, probably because she had known them all her life.

Gradually, her perfect life didn’t seem so perfect anymore, so she decided to do something she had never done, leave town.

So she hit the road, she wasn’t sure where she was going but she knew when she found it she would know, that was the best decision she ever made.

May Okanigbe

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