Is It True

Far Away
October 30, 2018
Rainy Day
November 1, 2018

Is It True

I had known you since I was little and friendship for us came naturally. We did everything together and wore complementary outfits on special occasions.

One time, someone told me something bad you said about me but I chose not to believe it because I trusted you and we were closer than that.

Suddenly after a while, I noticed we started growing apart. I didn’t know why and I felt if there was something wrong, you would tell me.

So, I asked you and you told me you heard something negative someone told you I said about you behind your back.

I was shocked because I never said anything like that and even still, I thought you would know me better than that or even confront me about it.

That was the day I stopped considering you a friend because you didn’t trust me as I trusted you and you didn’t even know me at all.

May Okanigbe

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