A Thousand Miles
November 14, 2018
Breathe Easy
November 16, 2018


I met a bandit once, well a thief really but I prefer to call him a bandit. He broke into my house in the dead of night.

Being the light sleeper I am, I walked downstairs to get a glass of water, that was when I saw him, it was dark but his eyes were locked on mine and I couldn’t look away.

I was mesmerized and could barely make out words, and before I knew it, he had closed the gap between us and sealed my mouth with a kiss.

It was the deepest most intense kiss I had everything felt before I could gather my wits about me, he was gone. That was when I screamed for help.

Before long everyone was searching the premises but apart from the broken window where he had come in and gone out through, nothing was missing.

I never told anyone about the kiss. But I think about him every day, who was he? Why did he kiss me? And why didn’t he steal anything else?

May Okanigbe

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