Breathe Easy

November 16, 2018
November 21, 2018

Breathe Easy

Dancing was everything to Michael, he danced all the time right from when he was a little kid, so it came as no surprise when he told his parents he wanted to be a professional dancer.

He worked very hard to get to the top, maybe a little too hard because a few years into his flourishing career he was told he had a heart condition and couldn’t dance.

To Michael, that diagnosis was worse than death because his life was empty without dance so he settled for the next best thing, choreography, that was when he met Liz.

Bright eyed and full of dreams, she reminded him of himself and he liked her immediately, he was drawn to her in so many ways and he could help the emotions she stirred up.

Every time he held her to show her a step, he could breathe a little easier so one day he decided to dance with her. It was the deepest connection he had ever felt in his life and when the music stopped he knew something inside him had changed.

From that day on, they danced together, everywhere and his heart never bothered him, she had cured him with her love.

May Okanigbe

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